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Collage Archive

The archive of the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND-Archiv) cooperates with the Federal Archives (Bundesarchiv). The BND-Archiv works according to the Law on the Preservation and Use of Federal Archival Documents (“BArchG”).

The documents which need to be stored permanently are secured early on. They are indexed and undergo conversation treatment according to the current standards of the Federal Archives.

Documents which are no longer needed at the Bundesnachrichtendienst are handed over to the Federal Archives as stipulated in the Law on the Preservation and Use of Federal Archival Documents. The archived documents of the Bundesnachrichtendienst can be found under the tracking number B 206.

Subject to legal provision, archived documents can be used by the public at request after a period of 30 years. Archived documents that are still classified cannot be used by the public. Normally archived documents concerning natural persons can be used 30 years after the death of the person concerned. In case the death year cannot be ascertained, the period of protection ends 110 years after birth (Section 5 of the BArchG). The periods of protection mentioned above may be reduced according to the conditions stipulated in section 5, subsection 5 of the BArchG.

1,952 files, 58 microfilms, 74,000 photos and 129,000 negatives have been handed over to the Federal Archives so far.